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Deluxe Token Gloomhaven (US)

Giá: 1.100.000 vnđ
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Thông tin chi tiết
Elegantly designed by Isaac Childress, the fantastical world of Gloomhaven takes you and your group of adventurers on a journey through perilous dungeons and forgotten ruins in search of loot, treasure, and fame! Quickly rising to be one of the Top 5 games on BoardgameGeek (in the Overall, Thematic, and Strategy categories), a game this beautiful deserves realistic resources!
Make your game that much more immersive and replace the cardboard tokens that come with the game with this realistic resource upgrade kit!
This upgrade kit comes with gold and silver metal coins; hand-painted treasure chests that are made of a hefty resin; and functional, plastic doors (molded to resemble stone) that are able to be opened and closed, as needed. 
* 5 Treasure Chests
* 30 Silver Coins
* 10 Gold Coins
* 7 Doors
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