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Deluxe Token Grand Austria Hotel (US)

Giá: 1.550.000 vnđ
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Hà Nội:1900088860

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Thông tin chi tiết
This deluxe token bundle for Grand Austria Hotel takes the square cubes that come with the game and replaces them with exquisitely themed tokens.  These pieces really take a great game and make it greater.  It feels much more thematic and fun to serve your "customers" a miniature cup of coffee and white cake rather than a black cube and a white cube.
All deluxe tokens have been chosen to closely match the color of the cubes they represent. Players should have no problem matching colors on cards to these deluxe tokens. 
This deluxe token bundle comes with the following:
20 wine
20 coffee
20 strudel (Okay, they're cinnamon buns.  But it works.)
20 white cake
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