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Eminent Domain (US)

Giá: 1.120.000 vnđ
Số người chơi:
2 - 4 người
Thời gian chơi:
45 phút
Độ tuổi:
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Hà Nội:1900088860

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Manufacturer: Tasty Minstrel Games

The space civ building game you have been waiting for.

Each player starts with the same deck of cards and every turn chooses a Role card to execute. After adding that Role card to their deck, their civilization gets better at it. You choose the direction and methods of your empire!

The immersive artwork, quick game play, and multiple strategies will keep your coming back for more.

96 Action / Role cards
33 Planet cards
39 Technology cards
1 Action / Role reference board
30 Custom molded fleets
24 Resource tokens
30 Victory Point tokens
1 Rulebook

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