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[JP] Starter Deck 2016 (Yugioh! Chính Hãng)

Giá: 350.000 vnđ
Số người chơi:
1 - 2 người
Số người chơi lý tưởng:
2 người
Thời gian chơi:
10 - 20 phút
Độ tuổi:
Thể loại:
Card Game
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Hà Nội:0969914344

TP. HCM:0932060054

Đà Nẵng:0935677617

Cần Thơ:01229122335

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Thông tin chi tiết
Sản xuất tại Nhật Bản
Khối lượng 250g
Kích thước 11 x 8 x 1cm
Chất liệu Giấy


Bộ bài xoay quanh bộ bài của nhân vật Yuya của Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V với lối chơi xoay quanh nhóm bài Performapal. Một sự lựa chọn không thể tốt hơn với các bài thủ!

Lá Bài Nổi Bật :

Performapal Sleight Hand Magician Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon


Danh Sách Lá Bài

Tên Tiếng Anh Tên Tiếng Nhật Độ Hiếm Loại Quân Bài
ST16-JPT01 Hippo Token (Orange) カバートークン Common Token Monster
ST16-JPT02 Hippo Token (Yellow) カバートークン Common Token Monster
ST16-JPT03 Hippo Token (Blue) カバートークン Common Token Monster
ST16-JP001 Performapal Sleight Hand Magician EMエンタメイトスライハンド・マジシャン Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ST16-JP002 Performapal King Bear EMエンタメイトキングベアー Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP003 Performapal Swincobra EMエンタメイトブランコブラ Normal Parallel Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP004 Performapal Momoncarpet EMエンタメイトモモンカーペット Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP005 Performapal Parrotrio EMエンタメイトインコーラス Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP006 Performapal Longphone Bull EMエンタメイトロングフォーン・ブル Super Rare Effect Monster
ST16-JP007 Performapal Teeter Totter Hopper EMエンタメイトギッタンバッタ Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
ST16-JP008 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon オッドアイズ・ペンデュラム・ドラゴン Normal Parallel Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP009 Stargazer Magician ほしみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP010 Timegazer Magician ときみのじゅつ Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP011 Performapal Drummerilla EMエンタメイトドラミング・コング Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP012 Performapal Secondonkey EMエンタメイトセカンドンキー Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP013 Performapal Hip Hippo EMエンタメイトディスカバー・ヒッポ Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP014 Foucault's Cannon フーコーのほうせき Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP015 Archfiend Eccentrick エキセントリック・デーモン Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-JP016 Gene-Warped Warwolf ジェネティック・ワーウルフ Common Normal Monster
ST16-JP017 Beast King Barbaros しんじゅうおうバルバロス Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
ST16-JP018 Pitch-Black Warwolf しっこくせん ワーウルフ Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP019 Dragon Dowser ドラゴンダウザー Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP020 Giant Rat きょだいネズミ Common Effect Monster
ST16-JP021 Performapal Dramatic Theater EMエンタメイトドラマチックシアター Normal Parallel Rare Field Spell Card
ST16-JP022 Smile World スマイル・ワールド Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-JP023 Hippo Carnival カバーカーニバル Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-JP024 Draw Muscle ドロー・マッスル Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-JP025 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-JP026 Lightning Vortex ライトニング・ボルテックス Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-JP027 Book of Moon つきしょ Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-JP028 Lucky Iron Axe こううんてつおの Common Equip Spell Card
ST16-JP029 Burden of the Mighty きょうしゃつう Common Continuous Spell Card
ST16-JP030 Back-Up Rider いっせい Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-JP031 Performapal Show Down EMエンタメイトショーダウン Normal Parallel Rare Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP032 Performapal Pinch Helper EMエンタメイトピンチヘルパー Common Continuous Trap Card
ST16-JP033 Wall of Disruption ぶんだんかべ Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP034 Ceasefire ていせんきょうてい Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP035 Raigeki Break サンダー・ブレイク Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP036 Draining Shield ドレインシールド Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP037 Threatening Roar かくするほうこう Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP038 Dark Bribe きゅうわい Common Counter Trap Card
ST16-JP039 Chaos Burst カオス・バースト Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-JP040 Pendulum Reborn ペンデュラム・リボーン Common Normal Trap Card


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